You can subscribe to as many months as you would like. The more you choose the more you will save. You will be charged for each month when the new season/holiday tags are launched. We will notifiy you few days before we send you an invoice. 



Regular Prices for Embellish Boxes are shown below, the more months you subscribe to the more you will save.


1 month full price 

2 months 10%

3 months 15%

4 months 20%

5-12 months 30%



Deluxe Box $97:Large door tag, Seasonal wreath, Ex Small Shelf Sitter, Little tag, and Gnome 

Standard Box: $64 Ex Small Shelf SItter, Gnome, Garland, and Little tag 

Mini Box: $35 Ex Small Shelf SItter and  Gnome 


The Wreath in the Deluxe box can be substituted for a seasonal Garland. 


Everything in each box will coordinate so that it can all be displayed together in your home. Items can not be changed or customized.  


Mix and matchbox sizes across holidays/seasons. For example, you can select the “Mini” box for Valentine's Day and the “Deluxe” box for Christmas.


Embellish Boxes would make a great gift for Mother's Day, Birthday's, Bridal Showers, or Christmas. 




August Fall 

September Halloween

October Thanksgiving

November Christmas 

December Winter

August Fall Embellish Box (2 months)10% off